Rose Tydus was elected to the Office of City Commissioner of the City of Opa-locka November 2000. She also served as Vice Mayor during that term. Tydus was reelected in November 2004 and served three 4-year terms ending November 2012. She was referred to by many as “the Commissioner with the voice of reason.”


Prior to being elected to the City of Opa-locka Commission, Rose is noted as Opa-locka’s first African American City Clerk (1976-1984), also heralding as the first African American City Clerk in Miami-Dade County.


Ms. Tydus’ versatility and humane character has contributed greatly to her ability to communicate, facilitate and lead in a unique and effective manner as an elected official. When she is referred to as a politician, Rose does not hesitate to respond by saying, “I do not consider myself a politician. I am a woman who loves the Lord and loves serving people; being a Commissioner affords me the opportunity to do both effectively.”


Her exemplary work ethic, commitment, compassion for people, love for God and the performing arts has enabled her to serve in various capacities in the church community, government and the field of entertainment. Through the years, Tydus held a number of positions that allowed her to hone her skills, managing the social and evangelical side of Christian organizations and other social service agencies.


She was the founder and CEO of the Opa-locka Rescue Mission for 16 years, a non-profit faith based organization that provided hope and social services to needy families and the homeless. She also assumed the role of Administrator and Youth Director at Stanton Memorial Baptist Church, North Miami, Florida. As Youth Director, Ms. Tydus developed and implemented programs that enhance the social, recreation and education skills of at-risk youth.


Tydus’ experience in the performing arts as a professional dancer, singer and writer has enabled her to write and produce several broadcasts for public television (WPBT), including, “Black Folk Songs” and “The Gospel and All That Jazz.” Her performing arts experience has also enabled her to utilize her talents as a community service.


As a motivational and inspirational speaker, Tydus performs at public school assemblies and church youth groups promoting abstinence, positive lifestyle and academic excellence. In 2015, she was recognized by Miami Dade County for her outstanding mentoring work at the Miami Dade County Boot Camp, a rehabilitative program for criminal young people (15-25 years of age), who have been adjudicated as adults.


As a song writer, Rose’ most prized possession is her CD TIME AND SEASONS, a compilation of songs written by her, expressing her faith and life experiences.


Ms. Tydus is currently the founder and CEO of TROPH Cards, (Heart and Pen of Rose Tydus spelled backwards) a Christian greeting card business. She has been writing poems for over 52 years. Creating her own greetings for family and friends brought joy and fulfillment and allowed her to personalize each card – each occasion. Impacted by her “gift of encouraging words,” friends and relatives expressed the need for her to share her love and compassion with the masses.


Rose is also founder and primary facilitator of Friends & Neighbors Initiative, an awareness program that teaches citizens about their local government, promoting responsible involvement from a Christian perspective.
Fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a Disney Princess, Rose poses with her Prince Charming, “Micky Mouse” alongside her personal Disney showcase at home.